Check In/Out

Key Safe
Checking in and out is by use of a key safe. No appointments need to be made which offers maximum flexibility and freedom to guests.
The key safe is located at the front door to the house. 
Directions for its use will be sent in our welcoming email to guests prior to arrival. 
The pin code to unlock and lock the key safe will be sent to guests by text on the day of arrival.
Entry & Exit
Entry is from 16.00. Earlier entry may be possible, by prior agreement. It may also be possible to arrange a luggage drop off if guests do arrive early on Islay but are unable to check in at that time. Guests should inquire in advance should they wish to check in early or arrange a luggage drop off.
Check out is by 10.00. Due to changeover requirements, later check out is normally not possible. However, in case of an emergency, guests should inquire.
On arrival, the housekeeper will have left a selection of biscuits on the coffee table in the lounge. An initial supply of tea, coffee and sugar can be found in the kitchen. Fresh milk can be purchased at the Co-op Store down the street in Frederick Crescent or at Campbells Grocer & Deli up the street in Charlotte Street.
In principle, the house should be left in the condition it was found. This allows us to minimise cleaning and other costs and to offer our guests the most competitive rates possible.
All rubbish, including that from waste bins in the bathrooms and bedrooms as well as from the bins in the kitchen,  should be removed from the house and deposited in the appropriate location, the blue recycling wheelie bin, the green (blag bag) landfill wheelie bin or the Council's recycling depot (glass, cardboard and plastic bottles) close to the back garden gates. The wheelie bins are located inside the back garden gates. A list of what may be placed in the blue bin can be found in the kitchen next to the fridge.
Rubbish placed in the green landfill bin should be securely bagged. Recycling material should be clean, washed as necessary and free of food waste.
Bedding Linen and Towels/Shower Mats
Guests are asked to strip the beds and place all bed linen (sheets, pillow slips and duvet covers) as well as all towels (hand, bath & dish) and shower mats inside the Ikea translucent zipped bags provided and to leave these downstairs in the lobby or lounge. Unless soiled, mattress protectors need not be removed.
Cooking Utensils, Crockery, Glasses and Cutlery
All cooking utensils, crockery, glasses and cutlery should be washed, dried and returned to their respective storage spaces in the drawers and cupboards. We understand that guests may be pushed for time on the morning of departure. In this respect, the automatic dish washer does have a quick cycle which takes a bit less than 30 minutes and should leave normally soiled contents perfectly clean. 
Floors and Surfaces, Kitchen and Toilet Areas/Showers
As a guide, it is expected that floors will be vacuum cleaned and dirty surfaces, including floors, wiped and/or mopped. Guests are not expected to dust or spring clean the house. It should be left presentable.